Elayne I. Weitz, Psy.D.

(908) 526-1177 ext. 24

Dr. Elayne Weitz has practiced child psychology since 1976. She is well known in the community for her expertise with children. Having begun her career in special education settings and public schools, she now limits her professional services to private practice. She credits her education and background as a school psychologist with helping her understand the social and academic lives of her young patients.

Dr. Weitz works directly with children ages three to twelve. However, she consults to parents of any age child, since she believes, "There is no job more important than raising a child." Her training and experience cover a broad range of symptoms, disabilities and concerns. Included among these are divorce, separation anxiety, ADHD, Asperger Syndrome, depression, childhood fears, oppositional defiant disorder, and loss. She also performs psychological testing and parent-child bonding evaluations to help family courts make decisions about foster parenting and adoption.

Besides working with children, Dr. Weitz does individual therapy with adults. Her cognitive-behavioral treatment approach is short-term and problem-focused.

Having raised two sons, Dr. Weitz feels both personally and professionally prepared to understand the lives of those she treats.