Emili Rambus, Psy.D.

(908) 526-1177 ext. 48

Dr. Emili Rambus is a clinical psychologist who specializes in the field of sexual abuse. She provides psychological treatment for sexual assault survivors. She treats female and male, adult and adolescent survivors. Dr. Rambus works with family members who have been impacted by sexual abuse, including spouses and children. She conducts psychological evaluations for the court, including personal injury evaluations of sexual assault survivors. Dr. Rambus also treats perpetrators of sexual abuse. She conducts risk assessment evaluations with individuals who have committed sexual offenses.

Dr. Rambus maintains a general clinical practice working with adolescents and adults with a focus on depression, anxiety, bipolar and other mood disorders. An area of interest includes intimacy and relationship issues. Her cognitive-behavioral orientation assists her clients in learning to cope more effectively with their distressing symptoms and lead more fulfilling lives.