Frequently Asked Questions

New patients referred to a particular therapist should call that person's extension and leave a voice mail message. If you want an appointment at APS but don't know who to call, dial our main number and go to mailbox #53. The on-call psychologist will be paged and will call you back shortly.

Privacy is an important aspect of therapy. We have found managed care companies to be increasingly intrusive in recent years. For this reason, most of our staff have resigned from these provider panels. Fortunately, most people have out-of-network insurance benefits that offer freedom of choice in selecting a therapist. You can get more detailed information about your benefits from your employer's Human Resources department or by calling the customer service number on your insurance card. Forensic services, such as evaluations or testimony in the context of legal cases, are generally not covered by insurance.

Fees for service at APS are typical for mental health practitioners in Central New Jersey. They vary depending on the type of service provided. Feel free to ask questions about fees when you call for a first appointment.